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... those who does not learn are only those,

who knows everything...

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Potrebujete zabezpečiť spoluprácu s dôležitými obchodnými partnermi

lekárenskými reťazcami, alebo farmaceutickými distribučnými spoločnosťami?
Do you need top workers? Do you think that education is a basis of professional performance of your workers? Are you interested in investing in your employees? Do you believe that education is the best investment in your personnel base? Have you ever thought over how the workers feel about their employer, who looks after their knowledge development, technical level and professionalism? Do you agree with the statement, that the reduction of employee turnover also cuts down company costs?

The Artcomm is an educational consulting company, which provides services in the area of programmes aimed at the development of the communication, commercial and manager skills and at the development of the personality. The Artcomm will help you to reach effective communication with external environment by developing human potential. The Artcomm will help you to raise profit and will provide you with objective look at your clients and at the business area where you work. More info here ..

Education services

Personnel audit

The personnel audit is an analysis of human resources in a company. The audit helps to identify capacity of your employees to perform the given work, to identify their capacity, weak and strong spots. The audit enables to analyze the recent statement of personnel resources and to evaluate the demand or surfeit of the employees. More information here ...


What is team building? It happens that companies lose team spirit because of variety of work, individual attitudes to solve tasks, quantity of departments and many others. It happens also that it comes to interpersonal discrepancies, the communication is limited and individual solving of problems is preferred. More information about “Teambuilding” here ...

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... those who does not learn are only those,

who knows everything...

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